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Acqua Retems is the official and exclusive distributor of premium waters “Sole”, “Selters and Acqua Armani” in Azerbaijan.


Around the year 1000, mineral springs were discovered on the northern slopes of the Taunus mountains. Water refreshing mineral water soon became known far beyond the Lahn valley. For centuries, Selters, which bore the seal of the Nassau springs, was enjoyed at the most distinguished tables, including those of kings and emperors. Even though the source of the famous water dried up in the early 19th century, legends continued to grow up around the “liquid treasure”.

Almost a century later, a group of enthusiastic citizens of Selters organized exploratory drillings to get to the bottom of the legend of the mineral water springs. There was jubilation in 1896 when, during one of the drillings, a huge fountain of crystal-clear water sprang from the depths below Laneburg castle.

A first well was built, and was named “Selters-Sprudel-Augusta- Victoria” after the wife of the last German Kaiser. The precious mineral water was shipped around the world in unique, heavy earthenware jugs – and Selters became a byword for premium mineral water.

From Saint Petersburg to New York and from London to Florence, delicious Selters soon became popular in the highest circles. Even today, mineral water is often simply known as “Seltzsuyu” in Turkish, “Selterskaja” in Russian and “Agua de seltz” in Portuguese.


At the foot of the mountains of the Alps in Italy, in Lombardy region, between the beautiful landscapes, there is an amazing source of water. It has been known for its healing properties since the Roman imperial times. Roman soldiers used to stop at the source of this water to fill in their vessels before conquering new lands.

According to a legend, the god of the sun and the mother of the four winds, was situated at the same source of water. The water from that source was named “Sole”, which means the Sun. The source of this water has many mysterious legends, one of which is 1000 BC: “Nuvolento population, where a well-known water source is located, was almost completely destroyed by the plague disease. Monks from neighbor church were visiting houses one by one in order to assess the spread of the plague. The answer ” Ego Sum ” (I am) meant that the disaster has passed by the house.

After the end of epidemic the monks came to conclusion, that the family wich had access to the water source, successfully survived the plague epidemic. Taking into consideration such vital qualities of water, the population of Nuvolento, after the events, named the source of water “the source of a long life”.



Sole Classic Italian

Made from recycled glass and available in a full range of sizes – litre, 750, 500, 330 and 250ml – in either Still or Lightly Sparkling, Sole Classic Italian is a fitting compliment to any dining experience.

Renowned for its high quality and low sodium content Sole Classic Italian refreshes and cleanses your palate whilst having a slightly sweet taste. Sole Italian has a highly elegant look that enhances any dining environment.

Sole Arte

The contemporary Arte range, in 75 and 33cl, is the most recent addition to the Sole Collection. In a sleek, multi faceted clear glass bottle, and available in either still or sparkling options, Arte provides the same crisp taste of Sole in a new exquisitely designed shape. Art is born of love of beautiful things, and must be unique and innovative.

The values of Art are reflected in the beauty of the Arte bottle. A glass bottle, clear and bright, starting round at its base and with facets tapering upwards, irregularly octagonal. A bottle to adorn the most chic restaurant tables of Italy and beyond, capable of transmitting at first glance the idea of a natural mineral water produced with love and served in accordance with the ideals of Art herself.

Sole Acqua Armani

ACQUA ARMANI is bottled with Solé Natural Mineral Water, a premium Italian water served and appreciated in many of the world’s finest restaurants. Solé is classified as ‘oligominerale’ – low in mineral content with extremely low levels of sodium.

Bottled at Source in the foothills of the Italian Alps in Lombardy, in full compliance with the strictest hygiene standards and quality controls.

Available in both Still and Sparkling, in 750ml and 330ml glass bottles.

Sole Deco

Deco is bottled with our premium quality Solé Natural Mineral Water served in the best restaurants in the world. The new transparent labels created by a young Milanese designer are inspired to the Deco style The safe and hygienic aluminium capsules are in gold for sparkling water and silver for still water.

Deco is available in five sizes: 1000 ml, 750 ml, 500 ml, 330 ml and 250 ml both still and sparkling and in our hexagonal shape bottles but in excellent quality transparent glass.

Sole L’Italiana

Traditional Italian bottle with stylish labels created by a young Milanese Design House to emphasise our authentic Italian heritage. The neck label celebrates the fact that the Bodei family have been working with the Fonte Sole Source since 1906.

Available in Liter, 500 and 250ml bottle sizes in both Still and Lightly Sparkling


Selters Classic

Taste: subtle mineral composition, fresh and tingling. CO2 content: 6g per liter. Total dissolved minerals: 1560 mg.

The refreshing, tingling classic from Germany with the highest carbonation in the range and balanced mineralization for a unique taste. Selters Classic goes perfectly with mild grape varieties such as Chasselas, Silvaner, Pinot gris and refined sweet wines.

Selters Classic is available in 0,275 and 0,8 liter turquoise-blue glass bottles.

Selters Naturell

Selters Naturell is particularly smooth: still and completely uncarbonated. Its balanced, low-sodium mineral composition not only makes it perfect for preparing baby food, but it also gently rounds off the intensive taste of spicy dishes and is excellent with rich red wines.

Selters Naturell is available in 0,275 and 0,8 liter turquoise-blue glass bottles.

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